O&O Complete Protection: The Solutions

O&O Complete Protection is the only true protection for your data

O&O is the only manufacturer to offer a complete solution set for all data protection scenarios: O&O Complete Protection. This modular system consists of four products all of which complement each other perfectly. The products interlock to work together and can be combined in any way a customer requires.

Traditional backup solutions fall short

A normal backup strategy creates backups or images at certain times. However, any data written or saved between these times is unprotected. And not just there: crucial data can also be lost before the first backup is ever made or it can fall into the wrong hands when hardware is disposed of.
In addition, when someone restores an entire system image then existing problems such as defective drivers or services are “inherited” from the image. There is no method in place to retrospectively analyze or repair such defects. This can lead to the same defects arising again and again, permanently impacting system performance.

Data recovery

Scenario: Data was not backed-up but now has to be restored

Solution: O&O DiskRecovery recovers deleted files – even from formatted partitions.

Data Recovery: O&O DiskRecovery

Backup and restore

Scenario: Backed-up data is lost and needs to be restored

Solution: O&O DiskImage images the files and systems on PCs and servers and can make them available again at short notice should something go wrong.

Backup: O&O DiskImage

Disaster Recovery

Scenario: A damaged system will not start but crucial data is on that system

Solution: O&O BlueCon can start-up damaged systems, analyse and repair them and enable access to essential data – all with no installation required.

Disaster Recovery: O&O BlueCon

Complying with data deletion regulations

Scenario: Data and entire system have to be securely deleted before disposal of hardware

Solution: O&O SafeErase deletes data and entire volumes – on PCs and servers – using methods that at times exceed even the demands of the US DoD or German BSI.

Data Deletion: O&O SafeErase

Remote maintenance of PCs and servers – from anywhere in the world

Scenario: The system admin is not onsite and there’s a problem with a PC or server

Solution: O&O Syspectr lets you monitor and maintain your Windows systems from anywhere in the world. You just need a Tablet, Smartphone or Notebook and internet access.

You receive messages about all important events on your Windows systems automatically so that you can react immediately while you’re on the road.

Simple Licensing

O&O Complete Protection stems back to two basic components: O&O DiskImage and O&O BlueCon. O&O BlueCon includes O&O DiskRecovery and O&O SafeErase and on request can include O&O DiskImage.

Each program can be independently licensed. O&O DiskImage and O&O SafeErase are licensed per computer, O&O BlueCon and O&O DiskRecovery are person-bound licenses (admins and technicians).