O&O DiskRecovery can quickly come to the rescue whenever you or anyone else in your company suddenly loses data as a result of inadvertent deletion or a system crash. With help from its unique combination of three different scanning and recovery algorithms, O&O DiskRecovery tracks down any data that can be restored.

Thanks to O&O DiskRecovery, data you thought lost forever can be yours again – even if lost on formatted disks or as a result of a destroyed file system. Data restoration with O&O DiskRecovery saves you the valuable time you’d otherwise need for reentering missing data – if that were even possible.

One important special feature of O&O DiskRecovery 10 Admin Edition is an option for creating a bootable medium based on Windows PE 3.0. Along with O&O DiskRecovery, this bootable medium contains various O&O system recovery programs that provide access to the Windows Registry and stored files.

Professional data recovery for service providers

O&O DiskRecovery Tech Edition is authorized for commercial use on an unlimited number of computers. For the one-time cost of a license, self-employed administrators or service technicians can recover data from any computer.

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What our customers say

We went ahead and purchased O&O DiskRecovery Admin Edition and were able to rescue every single picture file, even special DICOM (Medical Imaging Data, .DCM) format.Erlenbach Radiology